Hardware types

The SR Linux software supports seven Nokia hardware platforms1:

  • 7250 IXR-6
  • 7250 IXR-10
  • 7220 IXR-D1
  • 7220 IXR-D2
  • 7220 IXR-D3
  • 7220 IXR-H2
  • 7220 IXR-H3

Out of those seven hardware variants, the first five are available for emulation within SR Linux container image.

The type field under the node configuration sets the emulated hardware type in the containerlab file:

# part of the evpn01.clab.yml file
      kind: srl
      type: ixrd3 # <- hardware type this node will emulate

The type field defines the hardware variant that this SR Linux node will emulate. The available type values are:

type value HW platform
ixr6 7250 IXR-6
ixr10 7250 IXR-10
ixrd1 7220 IXR-D1
ixrd2 7220 IXR-D2
ixrd3 7220 IXR-D3


Containerlab-launched nodes are started as ixrd2 hardware type unless set to a different type in the clab file.

  1. SR Linux can also run on the whitebox/3rd party switches.