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Amit K#

Single Tier Datacenters - Evolving Away From Multi-chassis LAG

Multi-Chassis LAG (MC-LAG) was a welcome technology that helped enterprises move away from xSTP based L2 networks. It solved many of the issues inherent to xSTP networks, like underutilized links, long convergence times, and layer 2 loops. It became a common design pattern in many datacenters at the access and aggregate layers.

And as with any other technology, MC-LAG started to show its deficiencies as the datacenter networks continued to evolve. The need for a more scalable, interoperable and simpler solution led to the development of EVPN Multihoming (EVPN-MH) design. In this blog post we will discuss how a small-scale, single-rack datacenter deployment can benefit from EVPN-Multihoming-based design.
We finish the post by introducing a path to scale up from a single-rack deployment to a multi-rack deployment.