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Discord server#

SR Linux has lots to offer to various groups of engineers...

Those with a strong networking background will find themselves at home with proven routing stack SR Linux inherited from Nokia SR OS.

Automation engineers will appreciate the vast automation and programmability options thanks to SR Linux NetOps Development Kit and customizable CLI.

Monitoring-obsessed networkers would be pleased with SR Linux 100% YANG coverage and thus through-and-through gNMI-based telemetry support.

We are happy to chat with you all! And the chosen venue for our new-forming SR Linux Community1 is the SR Linux Discord Server which everyone can join!

Join SR Linux Discord Server

Always-ON SR Linux#

It is extremely easy and hassle free to run SR Linux, thanks to the public container image and topology builder tool - containerlab.

But wouldn't it be nice to have an SR Linux instance running in the cloud open for everyone to tinker with? We think it would, so we created an Always-ON SR Linux instance that we invite you to try out.

  1. this is an unofficial community. Engineers to engineers. 

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