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NDK Releases#

NDK release cycle does not follow the SR Linux release cycle. NDK releases are published independently due to the fact that not every SR Linux release contains NDK updates.
For the same reason the NDK versioning scheme is different from the SR Linux's one and uses Semantic Versioning.

At the same time, new NDK release appear together with a certain SR Linux release where NDK updates were made.

Semantic Versioning and Non Backwards Compatible Changes

Semantic Versioning imposes certain rules on how to version software releases. The most important one is that a new major version release (e.g. 2.0.0) may contain non backwards compatible changes.

Since NDK is versioned with v0 at the moment of this writing, we are not bound by this rule and may introduce non backwards compatible changes in any release. The NBC changes would be mentioned in the release notes.

The following table shows the mapping between SR Linux and NDK releases:

NDK Release SR Linux Release1 Comments
v0.2.0 23.10.1

  1. SR Linux release where NDK changes were introduced.