Event-driven automation is a popular paradigm in the networks field. One practical implementation of that paradigm is Nokia SR Linux Event Handler framework that allows users to programmatically react to events happening in a network OS.

This tutorial covers Event Handler concepts by explaining how they can be used to implement Operational Group feature.

Theoretical data is backed by a containerlab-based lab that we exclusively use throughout the tutorial. Readers can therefore repeat every step in their own time.

Before explaining how to configure an event handler-based oper-group instance, we first explain what problem oper-group is set to fix.

Once the problem statement is set, we proceed with configuration steps for the event handler instance.

A key piece of the Event Handler framework is the script that is getting executed every time an event to which users subscribed happens. In the Script chapter we explain how oper-group script is composed.

Finally, it is time to see how the Event Handler instance powered by the oper-group script works. We follow through with the various scenarios and capture the behavior of the fabric.